About us

Pharmadent-Bio Ltd

is a company developing innovative natural products.

We own and develop patents and trademarks, some of them European. The company is a family - there are two generations working on it that combine traditional with innovative. With our knowledge of cosmetic and pharmaceutical production as well as economics and marketing, we strive to be always on the level.

Pharmadent-Bio Ltd

creates cosmetics and food supplements containing standardized extracts of propolis, plant extracts, as well as special biologically active ingredients. We develop our products according to the needs of the patients. For our products we use only herbs collected from ecologically clean regions. We maintain strict control from cultivation, through harvesting to extraction of biologically active ingredients, and this ensures high quality. We use our own know-how for products without preservatives, synthetic dyes and fragrances.

Guided by the motto: “Find what the consumers needs and provide it” makes the company a household name on the Bulgarian market with the following trade marks:

Biodent – oral hygiene products: mouthwash, toothpaste, gel for gums, mouth spray.

Dr. Bee - cosmetics with ingredients produced by bee hives, and food supplements.

PhD – Medical cosmetics for face and body.

Hemogel - for profilaxis against hemorrhoids.

Venogel – gel for the prevention of varicose veins.

Fresh Test – a series of foot products directed against skin fungi and excessive sweating:lotion, spray, cream, powder, shoe deodorant.

Pharmadent – Bio Ltd. Is a member of Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Bulgarian National Association of Ethereal oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics.

Our priorities are:

  1. Superior professionalism and close monitoring of the latest trends in the development and production of new products.
  2. Providing opportunities for the professional development of all team members.
  3. Product efficiency and safety at sustained quality levels (ISO 9001:2008, GMP)
  4. High quality at affordable prices for each and every consumer.
  5. Respect for the people`s right to an informed choice when searching for and finding the products which will suit their needs best.

 The company is certified by ISO 9001:2008 from an internationally recognized certification body


DISTRIBUTORContact address and telephone
„СТИНГ” АДгр. София, ул. „Асен Йорданов” No 6, тел:+359-2-970 31 31
„ФЬОНИКС ФАРМА” ЕАД Околовръстен път 199 А, тел. 02 965 81 00
„ФАРМНЕТ” АДгр. София, Околовръстен път 368 В, тел. 080012131,
02 942 17 11 , 02 942 14 10
„ДЖИОФАРМА 2001” ООДгр. София, ул. „Раковски” 187 Б, тел. 02 981 52 33
„ВЕЛЕВИФАРМА” ООДгр. София, бул. „Тотлебен” No 134, тел. 02 491 38 40
„ЕКОМЕТ 90” ЕООДгр. София, ул. „Крушовски връх” No 40,тел. 02 958 12 11
„ДИНИ ОТС” ООДгр. Варна, ул. „Янко Карагяуров”No 4 Б, тел. 052 506 156
„МСМ – ГАЗ” ООДгр. Велико Търново, ул. „Бачо Киро”No 5, тел. 062 60 4 200
„ТЕО ЕКСПРЕС” ООДгр. Пещера, ул. „Освобождение” No 3, тел. 0899 999 413
0899 999 445
„ПЕГАС –Г” ООДгр. Русе, ул. „Търговска” No 14, тел. 0882 847 416