During winter, the risk of colds and infectious diseases increase sharply. Abrupt temperature variations contribute to the emergence and spread of viral diseases. Additionally, bad nutrition, stress and environmental pollution suppress immunity and make us vulnerable to infections. According to experts and immunologists, the only way to have our immune system deal with the environmental challenges is to be prepared in advance. In order to have optimal results we should begin increasing our immunity in September (for people more susceptible to infections, and children), in October, at the very latest in November. Prophylaxis is conducted by:

  1. Immunization vaccines against expected seasonal virus strains.
  2. Taking immune-stimulating drugs, vitamins, minerals and others.
  3. Using natural products with immune-stimulatory effects.

The latter can be used both prophylactically and during the illness when the infection has already shown symptoms. Natural products are tolerated by the human's body and can be used for a long time.

PharmaDent-Bio Ltd. manufactures products of natural basis with immune-stimulating effect, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. We use purified extracts of propels and herbs resulting from the multi extraction. The action of natural products has been proven by use in alternate medicine for centuries and through modern scientific methods for testing their biologically active ingredients.

Our products, developed using advanced methods and science in our labs, are suitable for prevention and for the treatment of influenza and infectious diseases:

  1. Dr. Bee - EERECL tincture 30ml
  2. Dr. Bee – Tablets with Propolis + Echinacea + Vitamin C
  3. Dr. Bee – Propolis tablets + Zinc + Vitamin C.

We recommend the following products in combination with the aforementioned therapy:

  1. Biodent - mouth spray with Propolis and Calendula.
  2. Biodent - mouth spray with Propolis and Chamomile.
  3. Biodent - mouth spray with Propolis, Sage and Sumac.