In her book, the famous healer Maria Treben describes St. John's wort as a divine herb. The plant facilitates wound healing, has a sedative, antimicrobial, diuretic, anthelmintic effect. Used for internal and external treatment. St. John's wort is used to make tea, tincture and oil. They work very well and sitting bathrooms with this herb, as a whole bucket of St. John's wort stalks is flooded with water and stay overnight. The next day, boil and pour into the bath water. It lasts 20 minutes.

They call St. John's wort also the blood of Christ, because of the red color that its stems release when cut and soaked. He needs blood. Stems with leaves and flowers are valuable. It is harvested after June 24 - the feast of St. John. It can be used both raw and dried. It contains glycosites, red pigment, hyperacin, flavonoids, tannin, resins, essential oil.

Кървавочервеният сок от цветчетата му се асоциира с кръвта на Исус Христос, защото според легендите, любимият апостол на Спасителя (св. Йоан) събрал окървавените китки под кръста му и го раздал на простосмъртните. Сред цветчетата имало и жълт кантарион.

Мария Требен цери нощно напикаване, ревматизъм, изсипване (причинява се от вдигане на тежести), кожни проблеми, травми, дълбоки рани, депресия, безсъние, говорни проблеми, нередовен цикъл, възпаления и подувания на жлезите, колики при кърмачета.

She recommends full body baths , which are curative for depression, rheumatism, skin problems. According to her method, the bath extract is prepared by soaking in the evening a handful of leaves, stems and flowers of the fresh plant in a bucket of cold water. In the morning, the liquid is heated, allowed to boil and poured into the bath and made up with water. The duration of the procedure should not be shorter than 20 minutes.

The witch doctor recommends making tea from a teaspoon of flowers of the herb, brewed for five minutes in 250 ml of boiling water.

Maria Treben says that one of her patients cured her 8-year-old daughter's swollen lymph nodes on her recommendation with herbal oil.

All the anxious mother did was massage her crying baby's tummy every day. It wasn't long before the girl's complaints and the cold pain disappeared.

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В народната медицина с маслото се махат белези от акне.

St. John's wort oil PhD is an oil extract of the herb, in which all valuable qualities remain in the oil.

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